Passionate about our business
Coolibah Herbs supplies washed salad greens, mixed leaves and a variety of culinary herbs and vegetables to leading companies in the food service sector. We are passionate about delivering 100% customer satisfaction and employ great people who share that passion. Our vision is to deliver the best possible quality produce to our customers.


Healthy outlook
The growth in all areas of fresh produce means they are exciting markets. This growth has come from peoples’ increasing desire to combine a healthy diet with a busy lifestyle and to get pleasure from real food. Since the business began, premixed salad has gone from a niche product to a regular part of many peoples' weekly shopping.


Positive approach
The people of Coolibah Herbs have a wonderful enthusiasm for the business. Everyone has the opportunity to make a difference, the support to develop themselves and a passion for the goals and culture of Coolibah Herbs.



Contact Us

191 Craig Road
Victoria 3912

Tel: +61 3 5998 2217
Fax: +61 3 5998 1020

Website: www.coolibahherbs.com.au

Email: office@coolibah.com.au

Wholesale Market Outlets
Coolibah Herbs
Store 25 & 27
Melbourne Market
35 Produce Drive
Epping VIC 3011

Tel: +61 3 9687 2922
Fax: +61 3 9687 6199
Email: market@coolibah.com.au

Coolibah Salad
Stand 108 B Shed
Flemington Markets
Sydney  NSW 2129
Tel/Fax: +61 2 9763 1636
Email: coolibah101@bigpond.com

Retail Outlets
Although many of our wholesale customers supply the restaurant industry, our products can be found in

  • local markets, such as Victoria Market and Prahran Market in Melbourne
  • many local supermarkets across Australia
  • many large fresh produce stores and greengrocers 
  • some farmers markets

 If you like our products, ask your local produce supplier to source them for you.